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Each Friday, for 24 hours, the weekly tournament will open for all AoM players who are player level 30 and above to participate in. This limited time event is PvP based, however, it is different to the daily arena PvP that you have grown accustom to. This guide aims to clear up any confusion and give you hints and tips on how you can dominate the tournament!
In Tournament mode, players earn more points for victory in battles in which they attacked other players themselves and fewer points for a victory in defense mode.
Players lose more points for lost battles when attacking, and lose fewer points for defeats in defense mode.
Similarly to Arena mode, battles in Tournament mode take place asynchronously. This means that the enemy squad you attack is controlled by the AI.
Heroes who fall in battle do not resurrect between battles in Tournament.
Tournament lasts 48 hours. When the time’s up, all players’ results are recorded and they earn rewards at the end of the Tournament.
Players can earn Crystals of power and Gold in the Tournament.
Players earn rewards for reaching the Leaderboard at the end of the Tournament. Rewards won by players are held in the Post section awaiting collection.

Tournament Interface.

There are five basic points that you need to learn when dealing with the weekly Tournament.
Pts This is your point accumulation. At the beginning of the tournament you begin with 0 points and every time you battle a person and win, you accumulate their points. How many points you win is determined on the squad power of the team you verse, for example, if you battle a team with a squad power of 9600 and win, your point accumulation will increase by 9600 points.
Squad power This is your squads own power which is calculated by adding the individual power level of each character on your team, this number also determines how many points someone will accumulate if they defeat you in combat. Time counter It shows how long is left in the tournament and when time runs out you will be granted rewards depending on how well you performed during the 24-hour time period, rewards are granted to everyone who places in the top 50 of 100 players in their bracket Information about your opponent
 This shows all the information that you need to know about your opponent. It shows their name, rank, their power/ points you can earn from defeating them, the characters they have chosen to use in their team, the points they have accumulated, and whether you can still battle them or not. In the displayed picture, I am able to battle this player by clicking on the attack button.
What does countdown mean? No one is able to battle again until the cooldown timer runs out. After every battle you participate in, the person you fought with will be put on an 8-hour cooldown timer.

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