Special buildings and décor

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Fountain of Time

Fountain of Time is an ancient enchanted artefact that alters the flow of time and magically speeds up the production in your buildings up to five times a day. “Knights” players were able to obtain the Fountain after completing the “Dreams of Time” event, and it is not available for purchase in any store. Only one Fountain may be placed at the castle.

Darke Tower

Darke Tower is a powerful defense unit. It used to be a Leaderboard prize and was also dropped in the Halloween 2013 event. At the moment it can be obtained by chance only in the “Halloween 2013chest that is purchased in the Dragonling’s Store. Two Towers may be placed at the castle, each of them occupies one population slot.

Ice Tower

Ice Tower is another powerful military unit. It can be only fropped from the “New Year 2014chest that is purchased in the Dragonling’s Store. One Tower may be placed at the castle and occupies one population slot.


What do I need décor for? Does it bring income or provide protection in battles?

Decor has an aesthetical function only: it doesn't bring any income and disappears during assaults on your castle: enemy troops simply don’t see it. During an assault décor only remains on the territory not purchased by the player.

Where can I get unique decorations?

Unique decorations, like Ice statues or Creepy Pumpkin, are available only during game events or can be obtained by chance in the “Halloween 2013" chest or “New Year 2014" chest from the Dragonling’s Store.

The Christmas tree is given to all players at the end of December, it is not available in the shop. During the New Year event and for some time after it the Christmas tree generates New Year gifts.

Where do trees and everything else go after I purchase a new territory?

After you purchase a new territory for your castle, trees and other flora located there disappear automatically to give you place for castle buildings. Only the most valuable items of décor can remain on the purchased territory.

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