Attacks on other islands

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In the game you can only attack opponents whose bases appear on your Archipelago map. Opponents are selected depending on your statistics, so they’ll always be an almost similar level to you (+/- 5 levels).

Liberate islands to increase your ranking and capture resources for developing your base. Also, the grateful islanders will bring you gold on their boats to thank you for helping in the war with the Cartel.


Reward for winning a battle

The amount of resources you get as a reward for winning a battle depends on the amount of unprotected resources that are on their base when you reconnoiter.

Even if your opponent has no resources, you will still get a reward.

When someone attacks you, the amount of resources they get for winning depends on the amount of unprotected resources you had at the start of the battle.

Unprotected resources are those which aren't inside the Bunker. The only exceptions are resources that are still in production buildings or islander boats.



The Destroyer provides fire support in battles and helps you guide your troops on enemy islands.

Using the Destroyer’s abilities costs Energy. You have the same amount of Energy at the start of every battle but it increases along with the Destroyer’s level. Upgrade the Destroyer to increase its starting Energy and unlock new abilities!

Every time you destroy an enemy structure, you get 3 energy points for your Destroyer.


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