Structures and upgrades

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All structures in the game are divided into three categories by their function: Development, Defense and Support.

  • In the “Development” tab are structures that produce and store resources: Beach House, Bunker, Steel Storage, Oil Storage, Wood Storage, Gold Storage, Sawmill, Foundry and Oil Well.
  • In the “Defense” tab you can find everything you need to defend your base from enemy attacks: Sniper Nest, Howitzer, Machine Gun, Cannon, Flamethrower, Mines, Huge Mines, Railgun and Rocket Battery.
  • Buildings in the “Support” tab help you explore new territory and develop your base and army: Landing Craft, Radar, Arsenal and Lab.

The best structures to build first are defensive emplacements, so enemies can’t easily attack you and take your resources.

You can find the table on buildings upgrades here >>

You can only build or upgrade one structure at once. To start work on the new construction or upgrade, you have to wait for the first one to finish or you can complete it instantly for Banknotes.

To move structures, select one with your cursor (green arrows will appear around the structure) and move it to an empty space.

Buildings and other items cannot be removed or sold.

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