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Kinds of troops

There are 6 kinds of troops in the game:

  • GI Jack — Fires an assault rifle. Has a small amount of health but is highly effective in large numbers.
  • Sgt. Dozer — Has a lot of health and is always leading from the front pouring out bullets as he goes, like a bulldozer in a china shop!
  • Rockit — Here for the boom-shake-the-room! Deals heavy damage from a good range. Even a small squad can leave a base a smouldering ruin. Take good care though, he's a glass cannon.
  • Machete — Melee master. Fights up close and personal. Fearsome and fearless because every slash of his machete regenerates his health.
  • Tank — This iron-skinned beast enjoys thick armour, huge health and a long range weapon. Costs energy to deploy.
  • Medic — treats wounded troops on the battlefield, moving quickly from one hurt trooper to the next. Our medic hates guns and bombs and does not join the fight.

You can combine different kinds of troops to use various tactics in battles.



To train troops, select a Landing Craft and click on the “Embark troops” button. Next choose the type of squad you want or reinforce the existing squad.

Select a Landing Craft and click on the “add” button, then in the window that appears select “Change” and you’ll be able to select a different type of unit. The cost of the current squad will be 100% reimbursed when you change it for another.



You can upgrade troops, the Destroyer’s abilities and mines in the Arsenal, which is available after your HQ reaches level 4.

The list of all upgrades may be found here.

You can only perform one upgrade at a time in the Arsenal.



Select a squad, then click on a position on the beach to which you want to send a Landing Craft. A cross will mark the rally point where your troops will deploy.Your troops will run to the rally point and then attack the closest target.

After the first HQ upgrade you will be able to use the Destroyer’s Flare ability. Use it to mark a target and your troops will redeploy or focus fire there but only while the flare is still burning. Remember that the flare has a higher priority for your troops than the beach rally point. If you set off a flare before they reach their first rally point, they will instantly make a beeline towards the flare.


Landing Craft

The Landing Craft transports your troops to islands. Upgrading it allows it to carry more troops.

You can only have one type of unit on each individual Landing Craft.

The higher your HQ’s level, the more Landing Crafts you can build.



Survivors of a battle will return to base and be ready to fight again. Any troops that were lost during a battle will not return to base.

After each battle, return to base and embark new troops to replace any losses.

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