Rankings and Leagues

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The amount of ranking you get for victories in Assaults and Tourney depends on the following factors:

  • Your castle development (i.e. the number of completed buildings upgrades);
  • Your troops development (whether you upgraded your troops, the percentage of upgrades for each unit class);
  • Special units in your army (Elven Archeresses, Orc Berserkers, Dawrf bombers) and warriors from the Elite Wares Shop;
  • Your current ranking numbers (the more ranking you've already got, the less you'll receive for victories, if you don't upgrade your buildings and units).
In order to increase the amount of ranking gained for victories, unlock new troops classes and upgrade them at the Arsenal, unlock and upgrade your castle buildings: the more developed your realm us, the higher your max ranking plank is. The amount of ranking you gain depends on your castle and troops development level. If you don’t perform any upgrades, you are not progressing and get no more than 1-2 ranking per victory.

You should constantly upgrade your troops and buildings to get more ranking for victories, because if you’re not progressing, you are falling behind.

If a player is frequently assaulted (several assaults in a row or simultaneously), only the ranking for the first assault is accounted for. After it, a temporary protection is enabled, and all further attacks for a short period of time don’t affect the player’s ranking.

Leagues are categories of the most actively battling players. Player’s position in a League is determined by the ranking they gain for each victory or lose for each defeat.

You will receive dragoons weekly, if you enter the League. When you enter a higher League, you will get a reward for the prior one as well.

If you still are a member of a League on Monday (the day when League rewards are given out), then even if you exit it in during the week, you will still get bonus dragoons for the League membership on the next Monday.

What are Dragoons? What can I spend them on?

Dragoons are special dragon doubloons that are given as a reward for becoming a member of one of 3 player Leagues. All Bronze League members receive 50 bronze dragoons, all Silver League members receive 50 bronze dragoons + 20 silver dragoons, and all Golden League members receive 50 bronze dragoons + 20 silver dragoons + 5 golden dragoons each week. Rewards for the League membership are given out every Monday.

You can spend dragoons in the Elite Wares Shop on special items required for unit upgrades as well as on elite units.

Please note that no Dragoons will be received after you leave the League.


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