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To start a battle click on the crossed swords icon in the bottom right corner of the screen and choose one of available PvP modes. You can either assault another player's castle, or send your troops on a tourney against another player's army. 

Assaults and Tourneys have a 4-hour limitation: you must finish the battle in the given time period, otherwise you will be considered defeated unless you've managed to get at least one star before the deadline. Campaign missions have no time limit, you can leave and resume them any time.

If you placed your troops on the battlefield and started a battle, you can only finish it with a victory or a defeat (surrender). If you surrender, your only loss will be ranking and the warriors who have already fallen by the moment you surrendered. All warriors alive will return to castle unharmed.

You can take a hero to any battle starting from the “Road to the Mountains”. Heroes do not take part in all the missions, but can join the player in some of them. You can have 3 heroes in a fight: unmounted (Sir Crashton), mounted (Sir Galahan) and a mage (Ingryd). All of them will receive battle experience. As soon as the troops are placed on a battlefield, you won’t be able to add anyone to the battle.



You can’t choose an enemy as the castles available for attack are randomized. Opponents are matched according to the level of their castles, strength of the army and many other factors.

You can get up to 3 stars for assaulting an enemy castle. A single star is given for destroying the enemyCitadel, another one is given for demolishing at least half of all buildings, and the third one is given for eliminating at least 50% of castle defenders.  

When are you given at least one star you can win the battle and come back to your castle with the loot. However, it is essential that at least one warrior of your army stays alive in the battle.

A victorious assault will grant you additional gold, resources, items, fame (experience) and ranking. A defeat will result in the loss of ranking.

For a single star victory you will gain all plunder you managed to get before you finished the battle. For 2 stars the numbers of your plundered gold and resources are doubled, and for 3 stars you will get the gold and resources from the rest of the buildings and units in the enemy castle.

Please note that the numbers of available experience and plunder you see before starting an assault already includes all bonuses and is calculated for a 2-3 star victory.

The x2 bonus for the first 6 assaults daily does not affect the ranking gained for victories — only fame (experience) and plunder (gold plus resources) are doubled.



A tourney arena is selected randomly. You can choose among your warriors up to 4 places for a tourney, which will stay alive and don’t get to the Shrine even if they fall. Your opponent is selected randomly and has the same conditions; to win a tourney one must destroy all enemy warriors. 

For a victory in a tourney you can get gold, up to 3 items and additional ranking. A defeat will result in the loss of ranking.

The rank in the Tourneys does not actually affect anything — it is basically a displayed number of your winnings today. Every day (5:00 GMT) the counter is reset to zero.

Can I take revenge on all my attackers?

No, currently you can only take revenge on one of the attackers. After attacking an assailant the revenge list is automatically cleared.


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