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First build an Order Tower to create your own Order.

To create your Order please click on the shield (Orders) icon in the bottom left corner of the screen by the helmet (Rankings) icon. Click on the "Create Order" button, a new window with a "Select Order" message will pop up, please click on it. You can proceed to give your new Order a name, select a color, pattern and coat of arms for your Order. As soon as you're finished, your order will be created. 

Please note that creating an Order is paid with qrystals.

You must NOT use obscene language and derogatory/hate speech in your order names. Also, any spaces added to the Order name will be ignored.

Please note that any Order names that violate the following restrictions can be renamed or deleted: in this case the qrystals spent on creating an Order will NOT be returned.



First build an Order Tower to join one of the existing Orders.

To join an Order, please enter the Order menu by clicking on the shield (Orders) icon in the bottom left corner of the screen by the helmet (Rankings) icon. Click on the "Find Order" button and choose one of the listed Orders.

If you wish to join a specific Order, please type the name of it in the search string. If the Order is currently recruiting, you will be able to send a request to join it and add a short message to it.

You can send requests to any Orders you like, however, you can join only one. As soon as your request is approved, all other requests will be canceled.



Ordermasters can assign officers, make another Order member an ordermaster, dismiss any Order member or an Order itself, change the name and the coat of arms.

Officers can dismiss recruits, accept requests to join the order and change the message of the day.

Recruits can exchange messages with other Order members.



There is a hammer-shaped button in the right top corner of the screen which allows you to manage the Order depending on your rights within it. You can leave the Order, open/stop recruiting for it, change your current daily message, change your coat of arms, dismiss all its members etc.

Orders can currently include up to 20 members. 

To dismiss your Order you must be an Ordermaster. First dismiss all other members, then quit yourself, and your Order will be dismissed.

You can currently send out up to 1000 messages to your fellow Order members daily. There’s no limit on incoming messages.



The Order ranking consists of 100% of the Order members' ranking summed up.

Your ranking will not be affected by an Order membership or its ranking in general.

What information on an Order is available?

If you open a window with available information on an Order, you will see the name of it, the current message of the day and the recruiting status. You can also look up the current members number (marked with a person), Order's cumulative ranking (marked with a laurel), and the position in the listing of Orders (marked with a helmet). 

What are Knight Orders for?

There will be an option to participate in a global war among Knight Orders for the reign over Greenmeere in the future.

Currently you have a chance to become the first members of powerful and famous Orders, if you join one now, in the very beginning of the story, or found one of your own. Members of the same Order can exchange messages with each other and help with their fellow members' castles.

Moreover there’s a common chat room so members of the order can exchange messages and help each other.

How can I visit my friends' or my fellow Order members' castles?

There is a horizontal panel with 2 tabs at the bottom of the game screen: one tab displays the userpics of your friends, another one shows the userpics of your Order members. Click on a userpic of your choice to visit your ally's castle. 

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