What should I do if I'm suspecting another player in cheating?

Antonina Dupak —

As the game has been changing over time, and the structure limits are now rougher than before, some of the old players may have buildings that are no longer available for purchase or their number is limited.

Nonetheless, there are limits that could not be exceeded even in the past:

  • Harvester Complex — no more than 3;
  • Barracks (current type, upgradable) — no more than 3;
  • Depot (current type, upgradable) — no more than 3;
  • Research Facility — no more than 1;
  • Academy — no more than 1;
  • Assembly Plant — no more than 1;
  • Laboratory — no more than 2.

If you happen to meet a player that has more than the specified number of these structures, or you suspect him/her in cheating otherwise, please take a screenshot of this player's base and send it to us via the contact form — we will check his game profile and take appropriate measures.

You can find information on how to take a screenshot in this article.

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