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Click on the white arrow at the bottom right corner of the screen: the Tools panel will open for you.

  • "Sell" — sells a structure/decoration/unit. Click on the button with a bulldozer and then click on the structure/decoration you would like to demolish: it will be removed from your base, and you will get some coins. Dismissing troops, however, won't give you any resources.
  • "Rotate" — rotates an object 90 degrees.
  • "Move" — click here to move an object to another place on your base.



There are four green buttons at the bottom right corner of the screen. Click on the button with a gear on it to open the main settings menu.

  • "EN" ("DE", "FR", "RU") — switches the language.
  • "Sounds on/off" — enables/disables interface/gunfire sounds and troops speech.
  • "Music on/off" — enables/disables background music.
  • "Toggle graphics quality" — by clicking on a triangle icon you will switch between different graphic quality modes, which will allow boosting the game performance.
  • "Toggle fullscreen" — toggles on/off the Full-screen mode.
  • Buttons "+" and "—" zoom the window in and out.

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