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Units can be trained at the Boot Camp or produced at the Hardware Factory or the Shipyard, purchased in the Shop or obtained as a prize for beating the Leaderboards and completing some of the missions and assignments.

All units purchased in the Shop or received by daily/weekly/monthly champions in Leaderboards (so called premium units) have better stats and 0 troops count: you can deploy any number of them at your base. Besides, all upgrades that you researched for units of the same class are applicable to the most of them: for example, all Trooper upgrades will apply to Marines, all Sniper upgrades will apply to Wastelanders, etc.

All units have their strong and weak points.

  • Commandos kill vulnerable Snipers.
  • Snipers kill sluggish Troopers.
  • Troopers kill fragile Commandos.

The same goes for vehicles and naval units.

Most units have their special abilities, e.g. "Attacks on the move", "Double damage to vehicles", etc. The "Experimental weapon" ability is actually a set of other abilities combined: Nebula has "Damage to the whole area" and "Double damage to vehicles", while the Rukh tank has "Double damage to vehicles", "Half damage from infantry" and "Can fly over water".

If you've lost your unit in a battle, you are given an option to restore it in the Hospital after you return to your base. Units can stay at the Hospital for a limited time, after which they will disappear forever. To learn how the Hospital works, please read the "Buildings" article. Please also note, that premium units are always restored with war bonds.

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