How can I get a refund in iTunes?

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In order to get a refund for your purchase in iTunes, please take the following steps:

Part 1  Finding Your Order Information

1. Open iTunes.
2. Go to Top menu -> Store -> Sign In.
3. Go to Top menu -> Store -> View account information.
4. On the Account information page find the Purchase history section and click on the See all link.
5. Find a purchase you want to refund and click at the row or at the small arrow to the left of the row.
6. The information on the selected item will open. Please write down or memorize DateOrder code and Invoice number in the top of the page.

(Or use the following Apple's article)

Part 2  Requesting a Refund

Write an e-mail to and please include the following details:

- Your Apple ID  the e-mail you used for in-app purchases;
- Brief description of the situation: you purchased the item by mistake and would like to refund it;
- Information you have found in iTunes: Date of purchaseOrder codeInvoice number and Item title;
- Any additional info that can help.

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