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There is a button with two crossed knives at the bottom right corner of the screen: click on it to start searching for a random base to attack.

For destroying bases you receive up to 3 stars: one for annihilating the enemy HQ, another for killing a part of the troops guarding the enemy base, and the last one for destroying parts of all buildings and structures on the base. The requirements for the last 2 stars are different for each battle, they are counted basing on the troops and structures amount of your enemy.

Getting at least one star brings you victory, and you can get back to your home base with trophies after you've got at least one star. However, 2 stars will add +50% to the combat points you managed to receive, and collecting all 3 starts will double this amount. NOTE: Only the combat points received by the time you finished the raid will be counted, no the maximum amount available on the base!

Every battle brings you combat points if you win, or take some from you, if you lose or retreat. Combat points influence your rank and the position in daily, weekly and monthly Leaderboards.

By destroying your opponent's structures you receive the resources stored there. Oil Wells give oil, Ore Mines give iron and possibly Iridium, Harvester Complexes give coins, HQ and Labs might give Enemy Technologies. You can get the resources altogether from Depots and HQ as well. Moreover, there is a certain chance you will get trophy items required for a number of upgrades from destroyed enemy infantry and vehicles. Plus for each successfully accomplished attack on an enemy base you get Intelligence.

You can temporarily visit your base by clicking the 'Back to base' icon, though you will have to go back again and finish the battle anyway, or you'll risk losing your troops. If you click the 'Retreat' button, you will lose this combat automatically, all your troops and vehicles that participated in it will be lost; they will appear in the Hospital.

During the battle you can use the combat bonuses. Click on the radio icon to open up the list:

  • Medi-Kit Drop restores 3 points of health for a single unit.
  • Evac brings the rest of your troops home safe and sound.
  • Predator Missiles bring 8 points of damage to a single ground-based target.
  • Airstrike brings 5 points of damage to a single ground-based target.
  • Mosquito Missiles bring 2 points of damage to a single ground-based target.

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