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✊ GI Jack

GI Jscks are infantry soldiers capable of sustaining little damage, but the squad's power reveals itself as their numbers grow. They have low weight and do not need much time to equip themselves. Indispensable help for any novice Commander.


✊   Sgt. Dozer  

Sgt Dozer is a ferocious warrior with strong health. This musclebound man can serve as a human shield, covering more vulnerable brothers in arms. One of Sgt. Dozer's distinctive features is the ability to deal damage to the enemy even while moving.


✊  Rockit

Rockit does not have strong health, but is able to deal substantial damage from a long distance. Under the Commander's tactful guidance, even a small squad can turn an enemy base into a pile of charred splinters in a matter of seconds.


✊  Machete

Machete is a close combat master. They have increased stamina, and the secret here lies in a cold weapon capable of restoring the warrior's health with every hit.


✊  Tank

Tank is an embodiment of combat strength and power, with a huge amount of health, strong armor, and excellent attack range. They are able to pass through where others are stuck.

Important to Know:

✔️  You will require Destroyer energy to deploy a Tank


✊  Medic

Medic is not an active combat participant. However, this is a loyal helper that heals wounded allies on the battlefield. A Medic squad is able to quickly follow fighters that require help.


✊  Buggy  

Swift Bunny controls Buggy so quickly that even mines and landmines fail to activate. Reduced health puts Bunny in combat fury, provoking her to attack with increased strength. This feature, combined with the ability to deal damage while moving, makes her practically invincible.

Important to Know:

✔️  In order to have Buggy available, your Strike Group must get access to Level 15 technology. 

✔️ Uranium is required to train Buggy


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