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How do I move an object on the Battleship?

You can move objects on the Battleship in the special Edit Mode.

The mode is available to the Leader, the Senior Officer, and all Strike Force Officers.

If you want to enter Edit Mode, click the Editor button in the lower left corner of the game screen, or start the construction of a new building from your Strike Force’s shop.


Please note that only one member of a Strike Force can be in Edit Mode at the same time. Entering Edit Mode automatically locks the Editor button for other group members, but the whole team will see the name of the player currently modifying the Battleship.


Important to Know:

✔️You can see every action performed by you or other members of your Strike Force in Edit Mode. Changes are automatically saved on the Battleship every time you make a modification.

✔️You can speed up an object’s construction without Edit Mode.


Why can't I enter Edit Mode?

Edit Mode can be unavailable in the following cases:

 🔔 Your rank in the Strike Force is Recruit.

Edit Mode is only available for players with such ranks as Leader, Senior Officer, and Strike Force Officer.

 🔔 A member of your Strike Force is already in Edit Mode.

Only one member of the Strike Force can be in Edit Mode at the same time.

 🔔 Your Battleship is currently taking part in a Strike Force Battle.

You can move objects on the Battleship any time before a Strike Force Battle starts, or after it ends. However, if your Strike Force is not a participant of the current war, you can use Edit Mode.


How do I exit Edit Mode?


If you want to leave Edit Mode, click the Back button in thelower left corner of the game screen.


Important to Know:

A Strike Force member automatically leaves Edit Mode if:

✔️ They have been in the mode for more than three hours straight,

✔️ A Strike Force Battle started while the Battleship was being modified,

✔️ During modification, their rank was changed to Recruit,







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