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What is tournament? 

Tournament – is a weekly event where players compete for a higher position. The main prize in this struggle is a special tournament mech.

How tournaments are held?

To take part in a tournament a player must be a member of a clan. Participants need to attack other players' bases located on their map. If an attack is successful, participants get rating points which are added to their clan overall rating. The higher clan rating is, the higher position the clan reaches. 

What is the prize?

There are 4 types of prize containers: violet, orange, blue and green. Violet ones contain the most precious prize, the green ones – on the contrary, the less valuable. 


If you would like to know how many containers you can get, read the tournament info (click on your clan icon/crossed swords if you're not in clan yet, just below your avatar). 

The reward itself is similar, only the amount of tournament mech parts, random mech parts and quantity of credits vary.

Tournament rules:

1. The clan whose members reach the highest overall rank during the tournament wins.

2. Tournament rankings are based on the contributions clan members have made by the time the tournament ends. Players who leave a clan during the tournament will not get anything, and their clan will lose the rank attained by that player.

3. Clan tournaments are held on a weekly basis, from Wednesday to Sunday according to local server time.

4. When the tournament is over, each member of the winning clan will receive a reward.

5. The mech you can win changes every season — spring, summer, autumn and winter.


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