Types of robots

Dmitry Ryazantsev —

There are 4 types of robots in the game:

1) Basic. To gain access to their construction, these mechs just need to be researched in the Mechworks.
Example: 'Mirage', 'Reaper'.

2) Assembled. To assemble these mechs, you need to collect mech parts. They are obtained when squadrons (convoys) or other players' bases are destroyed.
Example: "Azrael', 'Shark', 'Cyclops'.

3) Operational. These robots can be obtained only during a special event – operation. Players need to complete a particular amount of missions within a relatively short period of time. In order to get a mech of that type you need to complete an operation in the alloted time.
Example: 'Inquisitor', 'Mauler', 'Baal'.

4) Tournament. These are the most powerful robots which are obtained only in tournaments.
Example: 'Palas', 'Kronos'.


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