I didn't receive my purchase

Lena Marina —

When you purchase in-game valuables, there may be a delay between the payment and the moment you receive your purchase. If your purchase didn't come through, please wait for a few hours, as it is likely that it is still processing.

Try closing the game and launching it again, if waiting doesn't help.

If this doesn't help either, please check if you've received a receipt from iTunes or Google Play. A receipt is always sent to your email after a purchase. If your purchase is listed in the receipt, but it doesn't appear in your game or you want to request a refund, please do the following:


  1. Click the "Report a problem" link in the email and follow the instructions on screen for further assistance.


  1. Click the "Review your order history" link in the email,
  2. Find the purchase you've made in your order history and click the menu button to the right of it (you may need to scroll your screen all the way to the right if you are viewing this page on a phone),
  3. Click "Report a problem" and follow the instructions.

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