Crates and Components

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What are Crates?


Crates are a new and unique complex type of rewards.

We have added 12 different Crates to the game. You can find different type of rewards in Crates: common Resources, Banknotes, and also Components (a new category of reward).

What are Components?

Components are special cards that may permanently enhance the attack and defense of your cannons and squad by increasing their Class. Each unit or cannon can be upgraded up to the tenth Class.
There is a special type of Components for each unit or cannon. You need to collect a certain number of Components to increase the Class of a particular type of units or cannons.

Note: There is no way to increase the Class of Nitrogun and Plasmotron.

How do I get Crates?

Crates are now given to each member of a Strike group in case of victory in Strike group battles. Also you have a chance to get Crates if you are active in your everyday attacks. Please note that the chance to get Crates is only given for successful attacks on other players bases.

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